About Us

How This Started

We are unique in the field of law in that we have no offices, no attorneys on staff, and no set suite of standard services.

This allows us to take the cases we know we can win; put our client and the law, first; and assemble the finest legal minds required for the extenuating circumstances of the case at hand.


You Get The Best Representation

Your pool of counsel is from the most effective in the niche required, rather than which firm is in driving distance to the court.

Years of Experience

Your team is custom tailored to your case, the region of its location, and the right advisors with proven success

It's About the Law, Not About Protecting Our Status

We have no local presence to protect, so we can represent only you, and the law as it applies to you.

We started in 1991, with Client One

We do not specialize in taking exclusively female clients. We started as female counsel representing clients who were being railroaded by local politics and graft.

Our first client set the tone for our putting the law first. We have never waivered from that choice.

Don't Live Where You Practice

Local legal advisors put their local relationships first.  That means that you, and often the law, are secondary to protecting their standing.

Know The Rules In Play

When situations are difficult to resolve, it’s usually because someone is accustomed to acting outside the law, without consequence.  They make up their own rules.  We investigate what rules they play by, play their game, only better, with the law on your side.

Get The Proven, Tough, Winning Counsel

Don’t settle for who might have some knowledge of your case.  As one of our mentors advised: you always want the meanest junkyard dog on your side.

Get What You Need

Not being confined to local services, we an pull in the cream of the crop to assemble the strongest team on your behalf.