You Need A Lawyer Who Fights For You Under the Law, Not Sells You Out To Defend Their Local Heirarchy

We are always a lawyer from out of town, so we put your legal needs ahead of protecting our local standing

Fighting to uphold the law since 1991

It is naive to think the justice system is fair.  The law, itself, is fair, but the professionals administering it focus on protecting themselves, donors, and political systems in their own backyards.  

Play by their rules, not what the law calls for.

We don’t play that way.  We believe the law is more important than protecting local wealth and politics which routinely believe the law doesn’t apply to them.  We have no local standing to protect, so we fight for what is right. 

And we win.

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Why Choose Us

31 Years Of Winning By Putting The Law First

Unlike traditional law firms, we don’t have an expensive building where lawyers sit in their offices waiting for clients.

When we decide to take a case, we collaborate with the best legal advocate custom tailored with a history of successful court or negotiation results.

Results, first.  

We work in 39 states, and our head office team acts as liaison between local counsel and our clients.

Expert Group of Lawyers

We don't have a roster of expensive partners and associates. This gives us freedom to find the best legal team to get the results we are after, case by case.

Commited To Our Clients

The law should not be subject to local family, political, donor, grift or other influences. When you are faced with going into their house, with their rules, you can't win. We prefer to shift those odds to your favor.

No Extra Charges

When we evaluate your case and if we are a good fit, we have a package pricing structure. No sending our kids to ivy league schools on your hourly rate. Our kids attend great schools because we are good at delivering results.

We customarily retain non-local investigators to get the inside goods on the players, the system, and the corruption locally before we take action. All built in to our package rates.

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We are best suited to judicial systems where law is secondary to local politics, that's where you need us most

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